Hey, I'm Andrew Park

A Shopify Developer

I'm experienced in Shopify Theme Development. Based in Los Angeles, CA.

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I’m a full-time Shopify developer working for a billion-dollar brand. I'm passionate about empowering e-commerce brands across diverse industries, guiding merchants towards success on Shopify during my free time. When I'm not crafting creative technical solutions, I like to travel, train mixed martial arts, and run my own personal Shopify store. 


Store Setup

I'm all about creating unique Shopify stores right from the start, tailoring adaptable themes that guarantee top-notch experiences for your customers.

Theme Development

I help develop highly responsive themes that are compatible across browsers and devices.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Using strategic optimization techniques, I will boost your conversion rates by incorporating targeted A/B tests, using meaningful customer actions.

Store Maintenance

From fixing bugs to implementing new features, I'm here to provide clients support for their live online businesses.

Store Migration

Specializing in seamless Shopify store migrations, I ensure a smooth transition of your online business, preserving data integrity and functionality every step of the way.

Custom Development

Have an idea for your store? Let me help you bring your ideas to life!


Raw Juicery

Raw Juicery

Theme Section Customization


Web Performance & Theme Upgrade


Theme Development

Hands Craft

Theme Section Customization

  • "Andrew was an amazing Shopify developer to work with! With my goal of improving the site speed for my site, Andrew thoroughly analyzed the situation, took time to explain to me in detail in laymen’s terms, and executed the plan quickly. My site performance improved up by over 20% in a few days, and he gave me recommendations on how I can further improve it on my own. I will definitely reach out to Andrew again in the future."

  • "It was a pleasure working with Andrew! He provided us with great solutions and clear communication throughout the process. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and would gladly work with Andrew again for any future projects. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking Shopify help!"

    Raw Juicery 
  • "Andrew was a great Shopify resource to have! He did an incredible job improving our cart page. He’s a Shopify expert and collaborating with him was effortless. He’s our go-to for anything Shopify-related. We were impressed with his work and would definitely work with him again. Can't recommended him enough for his skills and reliability!"

    Hands Craft 
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I'm always looking to expand my network. I'm currently open to work with merchants and agencies. Contact me and let's talk!